New EMR Certification to Compete with CCHIT

There was some very good news for all of those interested in the EMR world.  A new company has announced that they’ll join the EMR certification world. The Drummond Group is there name and they’ve been doing goverment certification for quite a while. You can hear more about The Drummond Group and EHR certification in this interview with the CEO of Drummond Group.

Related to that, you will find the ONC guidance for EHR certification bodies interesting if you’re looking at EHR certification also.


EHR Stimulus Medicare Incentive Payments from ARRA

Not to many people have been focusing on the practical side of the ARRA EHR stimulus money that’s being given out to those who adopt an electronic health record. Take a look at this description of the EHR stimulus money available under Medicare. Also, please go and vote in this poll that tries to assess how many people will actually have enough Medicare reimbursement to qualify for the EHR stimulus money.

Are you planning on EHR stimulus money for your clinic?

EHR Meaningful Use Resources

Many are looking forward to having a final definition of the terms meaningful use and certified EHR in order to get EHR stimulus money from ARRA. The EHR meaningful use matrix was released by the HIT Policy Committee to ONC and here’s a nice review of some of the issues with the EHR meaningful use matrix. For those who don’t know about the EHR stimulus money, here’s the EHR stimulus bill simplified.

ONC Meeting with CCHIT Alternatives and Meaningful Use Sent Back by David Blumenthal

Two really interesting developments are occurring with the all important EHR stimulus package. Check out the following two EMR news items:
Definition of Meaningful Use sent back to HIT Policy Committee by David Blumenthal
Alternative EHR Certifications to CCHIT Meeting with ONC

It’s going to be a busy summer for those interested in EMR and EHR. It’s amazing what a few billion dollars of EHR stimulus money will do.

CCHIT Announces New EHR Certification Plans

CCHIT is really going full steam ahead on trying to make sure that CCHIT’s EHR certification is the one selected as the “certified EHR” criteria for ARRA. John Chilmark advised Mark Leavitt of CCHIT to not “count your chickens before they hatch.” Good advice from a really smart guy.

Here’s a link for those interested in the new CCHIT EHR Certification paths. It’s a nice succinct description of the changes that CCHIT plans to do. Plus, you can read some additional thoughts about the challenges and benefits of the new EHR certifications.

Most interesting might actually be the Certified EHR and meaningful use overlap and also a look at why we have EHR Certifcation at all (maybe we shouldn’t).